One-on-one support & education around chronic pain is something that I believe is critical when experiencing such a significant impacter of our daily lives. The effects of chronic pain are not solely felt physically but also psychologically, emotionally, and socially. Whether you wish to work with me, or another professional in the chronic pain field, I recommend having someone who helps educate you on chronic pain, validates your experience, and provides real-world tasks you can implement immediately to help take back control over your life & improve your relationships.

During one-on-one sessions I will help you to: become an active participant in your treatment, increase your productivity, reduce daily suffering & negative self-talk, set realistic goals, dramatically reduce your pain-related problems and improve your quality of life.

Education & coaching begins at $45/session and can be done in a variety of different ways. Typically, clients prefer the 45-minute session from the comfort of their home or over the phone (after the first in-person session). Office hours are available Mon, Wed & Fri at 20 Bank Street, New Milford, CT. All sessions require clients to genuinely want to improve upon themselves.

To set up your first appointment or to ask any questions, you can email me at or complete the contact form below. I look forward helping you or your loved one improve their quality of life and decrease their daily suffering; I know it to be possible. Talk soon!