Managing the Pain Better

I should be happy about what I plan to write today, but I can’t help but feel a little strange. I want to let everyone know that I’ve been doing well, but I’m hesitant to actually say that. What if it all falls apart again tomorrow? I guess that’s a risk I’m going to have to take because it feels unfair not to share a post about how things have been going surprisingly well the last couple of weeks.

Since my last post, in which I thought I was on the verge of a nervous breakdown, things have significantly turned around. I’m not sure of the exact reason, but I do feel like there were multiple factors. One factor, which I mentioned in my last post, was that my pain psychologist helped me to see that I was overly focusing on the negative and “lack” in my life. Every time I felt overwhelmed, it was around what wasn’t going right, or how much pain I had. I became stuck thinking in such a way until she pointed out that I needed to be grateful for what I do have going for me, despite the pain. I needed to focus on the abundance in my life vs. the “lack” I had been concentrating on. It was a slap upside the head I needed. Another thing that I believe factored in to my wellbeing is that my best friend came in town for a week and I got to see her almost daily. Since she has lived very far away for years, it help to emotionally put me in a good place. I didn’t spend 24/7 with her, but the time we did have was productive and helped me recharge my batteries. A third element of this up-swing is that my sleep schedule is in a good place. I go to sleep around the same time as my husband, not 5+ hours later, and wake up around 8 or 9 in the morning. I usually take it easy for the first couple of hours if I don’t have any appointments and then work my way through household to-do’s and my work on this website. When I do have appointments or am out of the house, I’ve noticed my stamina is a little better than it used to be. I’ve accomplished more in the last two weeks than I have been able to do in a while, so that’s positive improvement and I feel the improved sleep schedule is certainly a factor. I’m not sure exactly what shifted to put me on a reasonable schedule, but I’m grateful it happened. Finally, the last thing that has come together over the last few weeks is this website is reaching some more people. I have plans to increase the number of people who see it and I’m hopeful that soon many readers and listeners will benefit from the experts and fellow chronic pain sufferers I’ll have on the podcast. I have four episodes up on iTunes and that is a huge accomplishment for me because I had to teach myself how to do everything involved in launching a website and recording, editing, and posting a podcast. Many, many, hours of work are finally translating in to tangible things, and that feels good to me, as well as encouraging.

I’m working on writing a workbook for people who have pain, which blends together many different approaches of pain management. I’m very excited about that project. As people continue to subscribe to the website, I’ll be providing exclusive newsletters with techniques and suggestions to managing the chronic pain. And that’s just it….managing. The pain isn’t any less than it was two weeks ago, I’m just managing it better emotionally because I’ve changed my perspective. Instead of my inner dialogue saying, “I can’t handle this”, I’m now telling myself, “I have to handle this, and I will”.

Sending you healing vibes,


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