Favorite Things

I am obsessed with Harney & Sons Tea, below is a list of my favorite! I visit family near their headquarters and stock up as much as I can when I am in Millerton, NY. I highly recommend you try the following high quality flavors:

I use this fantastic mug when I’m drinking my tea. I have it in yellow but it comes in over 10 colors. I’ve read that yellow is supposed to make you feel happy, and it works when I’m drinking my delicious tea’s. The strainer is amazing for loose tea; I love knowing I have that option. The mug has a lid which when you turn it over, holds the infuser when you’re done with it. The last thing I’ll rave about this mug is it doesn’t get super hot if you need to microwave what you didn’t drink to heat it up again (I hate when mugs do that)! Out of all my mugs, this is my absolute favorite…I plan to order more soon.

This month is Yoga Month! Click below for some great savings on yoga gear from Amazon! I love that I don’t have to leave my house to see all of these products in one place.

If you love to read magazines as much as I do, you’ll enjoy getting them for practically nothing! Click below for the savings!

This list is going to continue to grow, but here are a few favorite books of mine you can use to help you unplug from chronic pain, and plug into a distraction:

The best mandala book ever!

My favorite book on happiness, written in the most entertaining way!

I love everything Jimmy Fallon does!!

Some of my favorite movies and TV series which serve as a HUGE distraction from my pain when I need them: