About Me

Jeanne Whalen, MSAP

My name is Jeanne and I have been living with chronic pain (in a variety of forms) for the majority of my life. Luckily, some years were better than others; It was not until the last five that my flareups became so debilitating. Over the years I’ve undergone multiple back surgeries, a cervical fusion, wrist surgery, and countless outpatient procedures to fix structural abnormalities I’ve faced; however, I still struggle with severe daily pain. The condition I feel is responsible for the majority of my pain is peripheral neuropathy. The nerves of my peripheral nervous system send information from my brain to the spinal cord just like everyone else, but in my case, the nerves aren’t working properly and there are a lot of signals firing which indicate pain that shouldn’t. In short, each day is a struggle to recharge the draining impact chronic pain has on my life.

I received my undergraduate degree in Psychology from the University of Tennessee, a Master’s in Applied Psychology from Sacred Heart University, and a certificate of Strategic Intervention from Robbins-Madanes Training. My life passion is working with others to help them overcome the challenges they face. My deep understanding of how debilitating chronic pain & illness can be, along with my education & professional skill-set, has directed me towards helping others in similar situations overcome the emotionally devastating setbacks that pain/illness causes. I utilize a wide range of skills to assist those who desire a better quality of life.

The goal of this site is to help you recharge your emotional battery with resources that provide practical suggestions to help your overall emotional state. By “plugging into life” my hope is that you will utilize these resources, which give you more energy to focus on positive things outside of your current health condition (such as relationships, hobbies, nature, etc…) Whatever your passion and purpose is, my intention is to help you find it and live it, in spite of the pain you’re facing!

Sending you healing vibes!